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Builders Station has teamed up with Stanbic Bank to help you buy product and pay in monthly instalment s. We offer a number of finance options from 6 months - 24 months to help you spread cost of purchase. this builders initiative account facilitates personal loans to third party registered under the scheme.

How It Works

Under this scheme, Stanbic Bank finances those who do not have cash to buy products. Stanbic Bank will pay Builders Station for the item, and then the buyer will repay Stanbic Bank in monthly instalments up to a maximum of 24 months. That is  B/S shoppers are able to apply for credit in order to finance their online shopping on the B/S platform through affordable monthly repayments to Stanbic Bank.

Who qualifies for credit?

The scheme is open for all including those in salaried employment self employment, SMEs and corporates.

What is the interest charge?

The loan attracts interest at a rate of 2.5% per month.

Are there any other charges?

Yes. The applicant will be charged 2% processing fee on loan amount. In addition, the item will be insured and will attract 2% insurance premium.

Do I pay any deposit?

Yes. The loan covers only 70% of the price hence you have to pay 30% deposit.

What documents do I need to support my loan application?

  1. You are aged between 18 and 60 years
  2. You have been a NIGERIAN resident for 3 years
  3. You are able to supply a fixed landline telephone number or mobile
  4. You have a fixed address as tenant or landlord
  5. You or your partner are in employment
  6. You have a debit or credit card
  7. You have a gross household annual income of N1.2m or more
  8. To apply for finance we require a debit or credit card in your name, registered to your address, which will also be used to pay your 30% deposit and two form of ID which can be any of the documents listed below:
  9. Valid Nigerian or International Passport
  10. Valid Full Nigerian Driving licence (provisional licences are not accepted)
  11. Valid Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  12. Bank statement related to the account used for the finance application (this must show name and address)
  13. Credit card statement
  14. Water, electricity, or landline phone bill
  15. Certified Copies of the last 6 months bank statement
This facility is available for the employed, self employed, and SME and Companies.

How do I pay the instalments?

Payment can be done by post-date cheques, bank standing orders or check off.

What is the loan processing period?

Your loan will be processed very fast from the time the application forms are received by Stanbic Bank. It takes a maximum of 7 days for them to process the application and authorise BS to supply.

What items are covered under this scheme?

You can buy any item whose worth is N100,000 and above including Doors, Tiles, Ceiling, Paint.

What happens to the amount paid for deposit and expenses if my application is declined?

The full amount will be refunded by AAR immediately the decision is made not to advance the loan

Simply 30: Pay a 30% deposit in Store followed by 6 monthly payments

Pay in Parts: Pay a 30% deposit  followed by 12, 18, 24 monthly payments

ExampleTable Simply 30 Pay in Parts
Cash Price Deposite Amt Of Credit
N250 N25 N225
N500 N50 N450
N1000 N100 N900
N1500 N150 N1350
N2000 N200 N1800
10 Monthly repayments Total amount payable
N25 N275
N50 N550
N100 N1100
N150 N1650
N200 N2200
24Monthly repayments Total amount payable 24Monthly repayments Total amount payable
N11.26 N295.24 N8.16 N318.76
N22.52 N590.48 N1633 N637.18
N45.05 N1181.20 N32.66 N1275.76
N67.58 N1771.92 N49.00 N1914.00
N90.11 N2,363.64 N65.34 N2,552.24
  26.3% APR Representative 19.9% APR Representative