Secure Payment Help

Payment Method  
We offer a wide range of payment options because we understand that you may have a wide range of personal preferences and payment preferences. Some are quicker than others, some are online, some are offline - the choice is yours, We accept:
D)Direct Deposit
Website security  
Safe Information Handling  
Safe Information Storage  
We secure our servers using best-practice software and networking technologies to prevent
unauthorised access (called "hacking") to our servers.
Best-Practice Security
We follow best-practice security procedures, such as:
1. We do not store your credit card details anywhere on our systems
2. We only use third parties that satisfy our stringent security standards
3. We use networking security measures such as firewalling and VPNs
Credit Cards
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Verve. We also accept a whole range of non-credit card payments
including simplepay and Direct Deposit. CREDIT CARD PAYMENT:
What is it?
Real-time payments through the website
Supported Payment Methods:
VISA , Mastercard & Verve by interswitch
What does it cost me?
Nothing Extra
How does it work?
Your credit card details are entered into a secure page on quickteller website and submitted directly and securely via the interswitch Payment Gateway . Interswitch is a certified gateway partner of the Central Bank of Nigeria. If your transaction is approved we are notified and we continue to process your purchase.
Direct Deposit
If you would like to pay via a Bank Deposit, you can either instruct your bank through your online banking facility to transfer funds from your bank account to our bank account, or you can visit any Stanbic IBTC Bank branch and pay directly into our account.
Our bank account details are provided on our invoices to you.
Payment Approval
It is our policy not to deliver any items until payment is confirmed.
Payments by Direct Deposit may take up to 2 days to confirm.